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“SILKWAY – Energy, Connectivity, Environment, People” (acronym SILKWAY)


Established by:

The name SILKWAY (the Network) evokes the ancient Silk Road that connected Asia to Europe. Starting in China, the SILKWAY thread passes through Central Asia, to Africa, to Europe and ends in its westernmost part, in Galicia.

SILKWAY objectives:

● The aim of the Universities is to contribute to the development of society by promoting the cultural and civil growth of individuals and supporting a culture founded on the universal values of human rights, peace, international solidarity and environmental protection.

● The signatory parties have an interest in laying the foundations for close cooperation with the intention of fulfilling their statutory purposes as well as the establishment of a network consisting of universities, local and/or international stakeholders and other partners located on the three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

● The parties intend to create a multidisciplinary community, able to exchange best practices and openly share the results of their research on innovation and education, with the aim of connecting ideas and knowledge from different cultures to meet the challenges of an interconnected and rapidly changing world.

● With a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, focused on complexity, and by establishing the Network, the parties intend to effectively develop research topics such as:

o environmental protection and climate change,

o sustainability, renewable energy and responsible development,

o infrastructure and connectivity,

o human development and rights, and the economic and financial aspects linked to all these issues.

The Research Units include:

RU1: Geopolitics and Demography
RU2: Finance, Management and Law
RU3: Energy and Environment
RU4: Infrastructure and connectivity
RU5: Theories, Cultures and Politics



11.00-11.15 Welcome to participants – A short history of Silkway
11.15-12.00 General Delegate Assembly with Governance nomination
12.00-13.00 General discussion and future activities
13.00-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-14.50 Vice-Rectors speeches
14.50-15.10 Speech of newly elected President and VicePresident
15.10-17.30 Partners presentations (10 minutes each):