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What is a DBA program?

Doctor of business administration – scientific and practical degree, which is awarded to business management practitioners who have passed the DBA training program, prepared and successfully defended their own doctoral dissertation.

DBA program – a program that allows you to summarize your own management experience, identify current management trends, analyze success factors and on this basis to improve their own skills.

Requirements for applicants

Higher education

Master's degree/MBA/PhD

5 years of experience in the business structure, 3 of them in the management position

Training structure


Foreign language proficiency test


An essay of 1500-2000 words, with a description of the goals of admission to the program, as well as a brief description of the planned dissertation research


Interview with the admission Committee

The conditions of admission

  • The theoretical component

    1 Basic and core subjects

    2 Exit module in Ranepa under the President of the Russian Federation

  • Research component

    1 Applied and research work
    2 Publication of articles in at least 7 (seven) scientific journals, including at least 3 (three) in scientific journals abroad and presented at international scientific conferences

    3 Writing a doctoral thesis

  • Final certification

    1 Comprehensive examination in specialization
    2 Design and defense of doctoral dissertation


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