Almaty, Kazakhstan

About International Medical School (IMS):

The International Medical School (IMS), embraces the principle that mirrors the values of the medical profession. IMS is Providing General Medicine- 6 years MD Course in English Medium. This Course is equivalent to M.B.B.S. program in India. About 800 students are currently studying at the faculty.

About Education Program:

It is advanced Medical Degree Program, which will be focused more on Practical Skills & will provide the knowledge in Latest Medical Technologies

Goal of Educational Program:

The goal of this program is to generate world class medical doctors, who will be more competent & highly trained. The IMS uses the latest equipment that has all the necessary certificates and licenses. The university consists of high qualified teachers who have specialists in higher professional education and high qualifications. It has Developed technical mastery as well as qualities important to tomorrow’s physicians: compassion, communication and thoughtful leadership. IMS provides advance knowledge that Develop the skills, in building a new medical education with state-of-the- art medical training tools, simulation suites and interactive small-group rooms that encourage active learning.

The educational leadership of IMS constantly struggles for excellence and incorporates changes in medical knowledge and practice, and treats all members of the learning community with esteem.

About Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan offers higher medical studies for students from all countries of the world at very affordable prices. The medical universities in Kazakhstan offer very good practical works to the students by the expert faculties. That’s the reason, study medicine in Kazakhstan can be the right choice for the students willing to become good doctors.

Now the educational programs of the master’s degree, doctoral degree «Smart Medicine», residency «Family Medicine» have been developed and uploaded to the register. It is planned to upload the program of continuous integrated medical training «Medicine» to the registry.