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Computer engineering and software

Educational program: Smart technologies

Specialized subjects at the UNT: Physics and Mathematics

Language of instruction: Kazakh, Russian

The educational program “Computer engineering and software” is a training program for training qualified specialists in the field of modern smart technologies, using various methods of software development, network technologies in all spheres of human activity.

This is one of the most popular and highly paid educational programs in the framework of the “Smart city” concept adopted by the “Almaty – 2020″development Program.

SMART Technologies

Training of students in the field of smart technologies within the program “Computer engineering and software” is aimed at preparing bachelors in the development and operation of mathematical, information, technical, ergonomic, organizational and legal support; computers, complexes, systems and networks; computer systems for information processing and management; computer-aided design systems; software for computer equipment; computer systems for information processing and management (programs, software complexes and systems).Professional competence of the “Smart technologies” program: bachelors of this program will master the skills of developing and performing procedures for assembling software modules and software components, procedures for migrating and converting (converting) data, evaluating software performance, designing smart technologies for various objects, and developing mobile applications for modern devices.

  • Microsoft
  • MD
  • KazMunayGas
  • Halyk Bank
  • Center credit Bank
  • Kazpost
  • Kaspi Bank
  • France
  • Poland
  • Czech

More than 70% of teachers-practitioners the Distinctive feature of UIB is that it is a University of practical knowledge. This is the most important competitive advantage of our educational institution, which makes it a priority to strengthen the practical focus of training specialists.

Internship programs in companies

Specialized master classes, training seminars, guest lectures from successful people working in this field

Specialized program takes into account the wishes and possibilities of the listener: individual educational plan contains a list and sequence of the study subjects, the topics of the course and their time, and also possibility of private one-on-one consultations with the lecturer on the major specialized disciplines in which students can ask the questions that he faces in his work