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Solbridge University

Location: Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Year of Foundation: 1994

Type: private

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Features of double degree

the model of the program is 2+2, that is, 2 years of study in the UMB and 2 years in Solbridge. Only for specialties : “Marketing”, “Management”, “Finance” and “Business administration”.

about the University :

SolBridge International School of Business is a University that is an integral part of WOOSONG University. WOOSONG University and WOOSONG Foundation have been successfully operating since 1994 and 1954 respectively. Location SolBridge: South Korea, Daejeon (167 km from Seoul) – one of the largest cities in Korea with a population of 1.5 million people, located in the heart of Korea. Daejeon is a “Silicon valley”, i.e. a city where the entire scientific and intellectual elite of the Asia-Pacific Region (35 public and private research institutes) is concentrated.

Solbridge Features:

Training programs for global leaders(senior managers)

The possibility of internships in leading companies in Korea

American education system