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Accounting and audit

CODE: 6M050800


Profile direction – 1 year;
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.


Russian, Kazakh, English

Master’s degree in “Accounting and audit” in UIB is:

Master’s program in “Accounting and audit” in UIB is focused on training of highly qualified managers and specialists in the field of development of accounting, financial and management accounting, financial and tax reporting, economic analysis and audit in accordance with international standards, the introduction of modern methods of accounting, analysis and audit in the practice of management of production processes of enterprises of various industries and forms of ownership.

Training program “Accounting and audit” is aimed at fundamental theoretical and practical training. Graduates of the program acquire systemic knowledge, skills and abilities associated with the adaptation of theoretical and practical material to the real and promising practice of accounting,analytical and audit spheres. After graduation, the master has an idea not only about how to account for the activities of enterprises, organizations, institutions, but also is able to analyze their activities and provide an audit assessment of the effectiveness of work.

After completing the full course of study undergraduates are awarded an academic degree:

Profile direction — Master of Economics and business in the specialty 6M050800- “Accounting and audit»;

Scientific and pedagogical direction — Master of economic Sciences in the specialty 6M050800- “Accounting and audit”.

Skills acquired

Financial planning and budgeting

Creating short-term and long-term forecasts

Creation of financial statements

Cost management and optimization