The media about us

UIB: through traditions to innovations (“Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” newspaper)

Useful experience (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 63, of 22.05.12)

Karzhy zhuiesi talkylandi (Republican weekly newspapers “Economy”, No. 16 (241) 19-25 April 2012)

University of the International Business – the NAVIGATOR TO THE GLOBAL WORLD (“Panorama” republican newspaper, No. 15 (981) as of 20.04.12. )

ECONOMIST, TEACHER, SCIENTIST. Victor Doikovich Li is always in the forefront of Kazakhstan science(“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 37-38, Tuesday, March 27, 2012)

UIB university in line with business education development (“Capital” newspaper, on March 14, 2012. Original article)

Course to the success (“Evening Almaty” newspaper No. 33, Thursday, March 15, 2012)

The UNIVERSITY OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMES TO NEW LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 156 as of December 22, 2011)

The Kazakhstan students businessmen took away at once six business projects to Malaysia (“Liter” newspaper, as of September 30, 2011)

Students of UIB will make a speech at the international competition of student’s business projects(“Panorama” newspaper, as of September 30, 2011)

The favourite city becomes purer! (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 112 as of September 13, 2011)

On a way to successful career (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 84 as of July 7, 2011)

Delivery of diplomas to graduates of University of international business (UIB) – a step to success and prosperity (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 81 as of June 30, 2011)

The university of international business makes a choice of talented youth of Kazakhstan (“Alatau lights” newspaper as of 21.05.2011)

There is an IDEA! (“Liter” newspaper No. 84 (1754) as of 13.05.2011)

UIB UNIVERSITY IN LIGHT OF NEW TENDENCIES (“Modern Education” magazine, No. 1(81), 2011)

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ADVISE UIB UNIVERSITY (“Capital” newspaper of 31.03.2011)

BUSINESS NEEDS to STUDY (“Board of directors” magazine, No. 4 (47), May, 2010)

UIB UNIVERSITY: AMONG THE BEST EMPLOYERS OF THE COUNTRY (“Evening Almaty” newspaper as of 19.03.2011)

BE FRIENDS AND STUDY (“Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” newspaper as of 09.02.2011)

THE QUALITY CONFIRMED BY BUSINESS (“Modern Education” magazine, No. 3, 2010)


UIB BRINGS TOGETHER INTELLECTUALS (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 156 as of 14.12.2010)

HIGH RATING of UIB (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 152 of 4.12.2010)

CAREER FAIR IN UIB: The BEST STUDENTS – In RELIABLE HANDS (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 154 as of 9.12.2010)

THE HUMAN CAPITAL IS AS IMPORTANT AS MONETARY (“Evening Almaty” newspaper, No. 149-150 as of 30.11.2010)