The history of SRI IE

Scientific-Research Institute of  Innovative Economy (SRI IE) was established on 4th of November in 2011 at the initiative of academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of  Economic Sciences, President of UIB Sagadiev Kenzhegali Abenovich and with the support of the University of International Business (UIB).
The foundation of  the Scientific-Research Institute of  Innovative Economy became a natural consequence of the formation and development of scientific study and research of scientists and researchers at the University of International Business. Scientific-Research Institute of Innovative Economy was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science as a subject of research and scientific and technical activities. (License of MES RK, MK series number 003 551 as of 07.11.2013)



Certificate of state registration in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 0581587 (V series) as of 04.11.2013


Certificate of  registration of a taxpayer of the RK № 0117430 RK (series 60) as of 07.11.2011


 Registered address of SRI IE: index 050010, Almaty, Abai Ave 8a
Phones: – +7 (727) 2598005, fax : +7 (727) 2596328 , e-mail: