UIB Summer School

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July 1- 15, 2019


20 May 2019




100 USD/free for students from partner Universities

The expenses for accommodation, travel and everyday life (lunches and social activities) must be covered by the students.
25-50% of the accommodation fee will be covered by the university


Cultural activities

Almaty city tour

Integration activities


English proficiency (B2 level according to CEFR)

Copy of passport

Summer school at UIB is a great project that gives you:

2 weeks of academic courses combining theoretical and practical approach;

Workshops and team projects on real-life cases with academic teachers and business professionals;

ECTS points for one finished course

exceptional intercultural experience with new student-friends from various countries;

opportunity to explore Almaty, and visit the most picturesque corners of the Almaty region

Download a presentation about Almaty

Singing Dunes

Singing sand dune is mountain in Kazakhstan up to 3 km long and 150 m high, located in the national park Altyn Emel in Almaty region of Kazakhstan. The uniqueness of the dune is that in dry weather it produces a sound similar to the tune of organ. The beautiful view of surrounding countryside is opened from the dune.


Ice rink “Medeo” is the highest mountain sport complex in the world, it is situated at an altitude of 1691,2 metre, not far away from Almaty, was built in 1972. Skating rink became popular because of pure water, a mild climate in the valley and a gentle breeze.

Big Almaty Lake

Big Almaty Lake is set high up in a gorge of the Bolshaya Almatinka River, 2,511 meters above sea level and 28,5 km south of Almaty. It lies in a hollow like a gleaming mirror, surrounded on all sides by majestic peaks. Three main peaks tower above the lake and can be seen from the northern end of the dam: Sovetov (4,317 m) to the south-east, Ozyorny (4,110 m) to the south, further up the river valley, and the forested slopes of Turist (3,954 m) to the south-west.

Shymbulak Ski Resort

The Shymbulak Ski Resort is located 25km outside Almaty city. There are three ski lifts at the resort with the highest going to 3200 meters above sea level. There is also a Hotel located at the Resort, enabling those wishing to ski during the day, have a place to stay at night.
The resort is located in the upper part of the Medeu Valley in the Zaiilisky Alatau mountain range. It is popular for its mild climate, large quantity of sunny days and great amount of snow through the winter (from November till May).

Issyk Lake

Issyk (or Isik- another name for the lake, translated as “a door” from Kazakh) is a picturesque, alpine lake surrounded by unusually beautiful nature of thick forests and spacious flower fields. The lake is located at an altitude of 1760 meters above sea level, in the Issyk gorge of Trans-Ili Alatau, about 70 km east of Almaty.

Charyn Canyon

The Charyn Canyon is located in the Charyn National Park about 215km east of Almaty and approximately a 3 hour drive via the A 351 and A 352. The Canyon has been described as the Grand Canyon’s little brother. This is not to detract from the sheer splendor of the canyon itself. The vista of dramatic erosion made by the river Charyn below and the elements has created a dramatic and impressive landscape.

Central State Museum

Central State Museum in Almaty is a reflection of the centuries-long history of Kazakhstan in tangible assets. It has a collection of unique archaeological findings from the pre-historic epoch up to present days.

Turgen gorge

Turgen gorge is famous for waterfalls. One of these attractions is the Bear Falls, about 30 meters high. Bozgul waterfall made a real tunnel in the rock. But the most remarkable place in the valley is the Botan-chasseur station. Here Turgen canyon reaches a depth of 920 meters. There are ancient drawings along Asy River. In addition to these attractions, tourists often visit trout farm, ostrich farm, historical and ethnographic open-air museum

Language courses

In rapidly globalizing world, the crucial role is given to the ability to collaborate with people from various parts of the world. Cultural awareness is now becoming one of the demanding skill of 21 century by employers. This summer course will help to rise your cultural awareness. You will be immersed into rich cultural environment with peers across the world. The course will give you a chance to obtain basic knowledge and skills of intercultural communication in business. It will help you to extend your vocabulary in business English through various activities i.e. case studies, which will support your speaking abilities. The case studies are situations that can occur in real business and give good opportunity to practice language and communication skills.

Language Center offers you two courses to choose: English course — Intercultural business communication (pre-requisite English level A2-B1) and second foreign language – French or Spanish (pre-requisite English A2).


Students may choose one of two Modules. All courses open to Undergraduate students.

Module 1: Busines and Economics (2 ECTS)

1 Business Communication
2 Sino-Kazakhstan cooperation and new opportunities within the Belt Road Initiative
3 The specifics of the resource-based economies of the developing countries
4 Economics
5 The Leadership — Secrets of Success

Module 2: Social science and management (2 ECTS)

1 Concept of Entrepreneurship in the Food and Beverage Industry
2 Philosophy and Humanity
3 Classic marketing in the modern world
4 Globalization and regionalism in modern international relations
5 International Trade Law
6 English course — Intercultural business communication (pre-requisite English level A2-B1) and (pre-requisite English A2).

7 Second foreign language – French/Spanish/Russian

Module 1: Busines and Economics (2 ECTS)

Business Communication
Tasks: Teaching the techniques needed to adjust their performance based on who students see out there and what students hear coming from them. Address actual performance, providing guidelines for good writing, to ensure students have an excellent script, and good speaking, so that their performance is a success. Considering the customer service equivalent of the set, props, and costumes: the visual aspects of the customers’ experience that frame students in their minds and create lasting impressions long after they have left the stage.

Sino-Kazakhstan cooperation and new opportunities within the Belt Road Initiative

This course is designed to give students a system of knowledge in the field of implementation of Belt Road Initiative. It is known that BRI (Belt Road Initiative) connects Chinese investment — from mining to communications and manufacturing — across Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa directly with a source of capital. China regards Kazakhstan as one of the most important countries involved in investing on the route.

The specifics of the resource-based economies of the developing countries

This course is designed to give the description of the resource-based economic dynamics of the developing countries that have its own specifics. The notion that natural-resource oriented economies are feted to experience retarded or incomplete development is rather known.


In this course students will familiarize themselves with the contemporary problems in the world economy at the macro and micro levels

The Leadership — Secrets of Success

At the end of the program, you will be able to freely navigate the various theories of leadership, determine the leader’s competencies necessary in the modern world, and master the skills of positive influence with the help of confident behavior, inspiration, social sensitivity in conflict situations, and providing constructive motivating feedback.

Module 2: Social science and management (2 ECTS)

Concept of Entrepreneurship in the Food and Beverage Industry

Students will be engaged in active learning course, which includes group work and lectures that focus on analyzing markets, testing business/concept ideas, and planning the successful business ideas in food and beverage industry concepts.

Philosophy and Humanity

The main objective of the course is to help you developing an attitude to critical thought and analytical explanation of philosophical problems of humanity. In order to reach this goal, some intermediate objectives should be necessarily achieved.


This course will introduce concepts of classic marketing from a contemporary perspective through examination of Experience Economy.

Globalization and regionalism in modern international relations

This course is designed to give students a system of knowledge in the field of implementation and interaction of the two leading trends in the development of modern international relations: globalization and regionalism.

International Trade Law

This course deals with structural aspects of the international trade law system, including the different municipal legal systems; the history of the international legal system; international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the IMF, World Bank, UNCTAD, UNCITRAL and ICSID as well as the relationship between the international legal system and domestic systems.

English course — Intercultural business communication (pre-requisite English level A2-B1) and (pre-requisite English A2).

Learning foreign languages and their use as a means of international communication today is impossible without a deep and diverse knowledge of the culture of the speakers of these languages, their mentality, national character, lifestyle, vision of the world, customs, traditions, etc. Only the combination of these two types of knowledge – language and culture – provides effective and fruitful communication.

Second foreign language – French/Spanish/Russian

Learning a second foreign language at your choice French/Spanish/Russian