Student science is a scientific work of students in line with following directions:

  • Students scientific-research work (SSRW);
  • Participation in scientific-research, practical, national and international conferences;
  • Writing of graduation projects and thesis works;
  • Organization, carrying out and participation in scientific researches;
  • Passing of research practice in large-scale companies;
  • International training;
  • Publication of scientific articles;

Students scientific-research work of the UIB is organised and conducted based on the plan annually approved by scientific council of the UIB. This work covers activities at the level of departments, faculties and university as a whole.
Students scientific-research work is an integral component of an educational process, results of which are presented at students conferences, through students’ academic works, their publications.

The main objective of students scientific-research work is obtaining an in-depth knowledge in certain fields of science as well as practical skills of future profession.

According to materials of SSRW students have an opportunity to make a scientific report at the conference, participate in contest for the best students scientific work, participate in events dedicated to the Days of Science which are annually arranged by the departments and faculties of the university. Within the above mentioned academic activities students present their papers that are usually embodied in courseworks, graduation and thesis works.

Scientific articles of students, master and doctoral students are published in university’s composite books based on the results of papers, researches and reports.

Significant areas of students science is an international internship, participation in scientific-research, practical, republican and international conferences. Research internships and conferences give an opportunity not only to present their papers but to improve skills of a research scientist by means of exchange of professional experience with international partners.

Moreover in terms of students science, such events are useful for students through the prism of finding professional contacts, experts in particular specialization, knowledge inspection, employment and training possibilities.