Students government

SG functions include carrying out various activities for the implementation of Youth Policy, the organization of training and holidays, mediation in the dialogue of the administration with the university students.

The purpose of SG:

  • Enhance students UIB;
  • Increased student life UIB;
  • Transfer of management experience of students UIB.

SG permanent representative and coordinating body of students acting under the provisions of the SG, received at the conference of students and the Academic Council.

Student Government is working at the University of International Business for the implementation of the student government with a view to enter the University of Western management model students. The University has a government of the number of students who are actively involved in the life of the UIB.

Committee on Science:
The main purpose of the Committee on Science and Innovation is to assist scholars and students of the University to improve their scientific and professional level and more fully realize their creative possibilities. The main tasks of the Committee on Science and Innovation are: creating a support system of scientific creativity of university students; informs students about academic programs, funds, potential customers of scientific and technical products, conferences, schools, seminars and other events organized by scientific institutions and universities in Kazakhstan and abroad, organizes seminars, conferences and round tables for interested students and faculty members, publication of such conferences, conducts an annual competition of scientific works UIB; organizes publication of research results in thematic collections publishing University.

 Committee on Culture and Sports:
Culture and Sports Committee will be involved in the organization of events such as parties, concerts and contests, as well as sports activities for students. The main aim of the department will be making bright colors to life students of UIB; identifying talent and support their activities; Culture and Sports Committee organizes various activities and entertainment programs for students to student life acquired a bright shade.

 Volunteer Committee:
The purpose of the volunteer movement of UIB is development and social self-realization by familiarizing students with different kinds of social activities, UIB students’ involvement in World volunteerism. To achieve this goal the following objectives are solved: promote the ideas of volunteerism among the students, the implementation of information activities, development of the social system, create optimal conditions for the spread of volunteerism and participation of university students in socially significant actions and projects; student involvement in projects related to the provision of socio-psychological and socio- pedagogical support to various groups; participation in the preparation and carrying out of mass socio-cultural, outreach and sports events; implementing prevention programs and advocacy orientation; collaborate with social and commercial partners for joint socially significant activities; creating and using international and interregional relations with other public (volunteer) organizations to collaborate socially significant activities, organization of training seminars for members of the volunteer movement of UIB; coordination volunteers of UIB.

 Media Committee:
The purpose of the media UIB is: Enhanced students of UIB; Creating a common information field of UIB and ensuring students and staff of UIB with accurate, timely and relevant information on the activities of the Student Government UIB and the student council, faculty, events and developments in the UIB, on current issues and problems of life students;
UIB media performs the following tasks: Increase awareness of students and staff about the activities of UIB faculties and other units of the university, the formation of public opinion concerning the prestige of university education, development and promotion of student activity.