Student organizations

Our team MotusDanceClub (MDC) – a group of students, primarily those who love to dance. We

love music, rhythm, dance, and the feelings that they give us. Our main motto “You do not know how-

we’ll teach you!”. We do not care if you are professionals or not. We appreciate the love for dancing

and music, the desire and willingness to learn and improve. We are committed to innovation, so our

team includes not only the dancers. We have a wonderful and most importantly, our DJ, is also a

wonderful designer. Together we are a team united by a great love for dancing and creativity!

«GoldenPrideAlmaty» – it is a social organization that specializes in various kinds of activities,

both within the University and in the city area. It is an organization whose purpose is to develop the

students  professional and personal potential. Our mission – is to increase the growth of development in

the fields of sports, education system, students; leisure, culture, environmental protection, patriotic


Student Office of the Bologna process – it is an organization which has a primary purpose to

support and protect the interests of students. Academic issues decision involves not only the elimination

of the problem, but also the maintenance of friendly relations after the exhaustion of the conflict. The

priority for the company is the trust of the students as an independent entity in the settlement of

disputes. We also organize all sorts of activities for students and teachers of the University of UIB for

finding a common contact. Our mission – is the creation and improvement of student personality based

on the principles of any individual student , created on the Bologna process, the opportunity given by

the university for students; independence in the protection of the rights issue in the field of education.

Organization «Razum life in UIB» (Representation of the city organization «Razumlife») – a

community of people who share a taste for a reasonable way of life and a desire to help other people in

gaining knowledge about the harmonious and holistic living.

Our organization is for those who believe that knowledge – force.

Organization «Razumlife» works in two ways:

-direction Pure LOVE

– “Zhanuya” a school for a family

Direction pure LOVE

“Pure Love” – a team of active-minded, people of different professions, who have decided to

contribute to the development of society and the strengthening of family relations – both for themselves

and for others, in a particular city.

The purpose of this project – to convey to young people the idea of pure relationship, at the

stage before marriage, the importance of the period of the engagement, and stages of family life.

“Zhanuya” school family

Family School “Zhanuya” project was born out of pure Love. Some young people who came to

the unusual party, began to ask where they can learn the science of the relationship deeper.

Organization «Inspirer» (Representation of Kazakhstan Center of Humane Pedagogy in UIB) – is a

youth organization that is engaged in carrying out of games, workshops, charity events, seminars and

psychological trainings aimed at the formation of the person and to establish harmony in relationships

with others and with themselves. Our main goal: is education for young people and adolescents,

through training and "happiness lessons" we are trying to convey to people the idea that a life without

conflict – its easy, that any dream can come true, you only need a little effort. We stand for high goals!

We educate and motivate! We inspire!

Zharasym – is an international organization which consists of representatives of different ethnic

cultures. The most important achievement for us is our friendly and close-knit team. The main priority

of the organization is to preserve the unity and team spirit. Our primary goal – is to unite representatives

of different nations in our university. Our core business is to involve students of UIB to appreciate

cultural values, creating a friendly international staff and friendly cooperation with other organizations.

Leviathan – a student organization focused on the preservation and development of the

understanding of high cultural values ​​among young people in society. We protect, save and give back to

the city culture our love of poetry, painting and literature. We support the creative initiative of the

students and their devoted activities. We organize collective visits to the theater, exhibitions, concerts

and meetings with writers. Our activity extends directly as members of the organization itself, and on all

the participants and visitors of our events. Multicultural team "Leviathan" is ready to accept all comers,

without exception.

Gforce – a bright student organization, which is engaged in various activities and events, as well

as outings. During 3 years of our existence, we carried out many different activities, such as Valentines

Day, 8 th of March, Halloween, a trip to Lake Issyk and more. The structure of the organization includes

the most active and creative students of our university.

Enactus – to the progress through entrepreneurship! Enactus – international non-profit

organization that brings together students, academic and business leaders who seek to exploit

entrepreneurial opportunities to improve the quality and standard of living.

Achievements of Enactus UIB:

The winners of the national competitions in 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012.

Success in the world:

2006 Paris, France – UIB University. Holders of third place in the League and Awards Spirit Award

2007, New York, USA – UIB University. Holders of third place in the League and Spirit Award

2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – University of UIB

2012, Washington, USA – UIB University