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Issue #1 (31)/2014 January-March

Issue #2(32) / 2014 April-June

Issue #3 (33) / 2014 July-September

Issue #4 (34) / 2014 October-December

Issue #1 (35) / 2015 January-March

Issue #2 (36) / 2015 April-June

Issue #3 (37) / 2015 July-September

Issue #4 (38) / 2015 October-December

Issue #1(39) / 2016 January-March

Issue #2 (40) / 2016 April-June

Edition of scientific magazine “University of International Business Messenger” is carried out since 2006, the magazine is published quarterly (4issues in a year).

“University of International Business Messenger” is included by the Committee on supervision and certification in education and sciences in the list of scientific editions recommended for the publication of the basic results of theses and articles in line with economic sciences (to No. 10-7/1591 as of 23.11.2006).

Magazine has an international importance and is registered in the ISSN International centre in Paris.
Registration number – ISSN 1990-5580.

“University of International Business Messenger” is included in the catalogue of “Kazakhstan post”.
The main thematic direction of the magazine is:
• publication of scientific results of theses in line with economic sciences,
• publication of scientific articles, information and practical materials in regard to topical
problems of modern economy, law, philosophy, history, sociology, political science,
international policy studies.

Publication languages – Kazakh, Russian, English.
Our authors: teachers, master students, PhD students, MBA students, DВA, scientists, native and foreign analysts in economics, finance and social disciplines domain.

Subscription index: 74107

Current issues can be purchased at the UIB at address as follows: 8A Abay avenue, corner of Furmanov St., chief editors office No. 331 – ph. +7 (727) 259-63-10 (ext. 331) mobile +7 701 943 21 99.

For more information on publications you can contact:
• by sending an e-mail to –
• by phone – +7 (727) 259-63-10

Requirements to the materials for publication in “University of International Business Messenger” magazine
The articles of theoretical and practical character in Kazakh, Russian and English languages are accepted to the publication in the magazine in line with following directions:
• Integration in modern economy;
• Competitiveness of national economy;
• Financial sector;
• Human resources.

General provisions:
1. Articles should be sent in paper and electronic media to the editors office;
2. File should be named as the original author’s last name;
3. Author’s details – specify completely surname, name, middle name; position and work place; degree and title, e-mail and phone;
4. Editorial staff has a right to shorten the articles and introduce corrections if needed;
5. All articles will be reviewed by members of the editorial board;
6. Editorial board reserves the right of including the article in the magazine;
7. Responsibility for the articles content falls on the author (authors).

1. Articles are accepted with a volume of 7-12 pages;
2. Article should be submitted in A-4 format, margins 2 cm (from above, from below, on the right, on the left), page numbers in the middle from below, an interval-1, Times
New Roman font, 14, in a format of the Microsoft WORD;
3. Article’s UDC code should be specified;
4. Keywords;
5. Annotation(summary) of 3-5 sentences;
6. List of references should be prepared according to GOST 7.1 – 2003. Enumerate links in the order as mentioned in the text. Designate links in square brackets. Specify the  list of bibliography by indicating ISSN. It is recommended not to use more than 3 Internet sources.