Science and business

Growing competitiveness in the economic environment at the national and international level requires the development of stronger links between science and business. With the innovation and development that the universities offer, companies have found that it makes sense to collaborate with the leading academic institutions, while the universities themselves are in favor of integration with major companies to small and medium-sized businesses.

  1. Development of research activities (broad or of narrow specialization), which is a part of the strategic and tactical priorities (eg, in-depth analysis “Impact of green” as a timely policy of industrial enterprises and their operations, the economic crisis and its impact on business – finance) ;
  2. Special consulting services for structural divisions of companies (such as market research, branding, analysis of alternative sources of financing, tax optimization);
  3. Development of proposals for government grants (all represented by the Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan);
  4. The development of consortia of international grants (for example, an application for funding from the European Union);
  5. Search for international partners (universities, research centers), which possess advanced technology and transform their experience in Kazakhstan to provide a competitive advantage for a Kazakhstani partner.