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Project duration: 1 — 3 years (depends on the type of project)

Max. project: 30 000 — 100 000 the Euro (depends of the types of projects)

About the program:

The Jean Monnet program aims to increase knowledge about European integration processes through teaching, research, and debate on topics related to the history, politics, economy, and legislation of the European Union, as well as the EU’s relations with other regions of the world. The main goal of the program is to bring the European dimension to higher education systems.

The program was opened in 1989 and was named after a famous French statesman, one of the “architects” European Union. Currently, the program covers 78 countries, and the educational network covers more than 800 universities. In total, the program financed 4 projects 200 on the subject of European integration. Since 2013, the Jean Monnet program has been integrated into the Erasmus+program.

Jean Monnet module – curriculum (course, training module) on the topic of European studies (from 40 lecture hours per academic year). The program can be either highly specialized or broad-based. The grant period is three years.

The 30th anniversary of Jean Monnet events in 2019 provides an opportunity to take stock, as well as a glimpse into the future. The celebration of its 30th anniversary is best conducted in the context of a series of decentralized events in the EU member States, as well as outside the Union, initiated and organized by universities, scientists who participated in the program, using the 30th anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on the present and future of European integration.

Project  №1
Diversification of energy supplies to the EU: challenges and opportunities for Central Asian countries


Project №2
Entrepreneurship development in the European Union: an integrated market for better business