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Fact-finding practice

Practice is an important component of educational process in accordance to the main educational programme of higher education and is included in the curricula of all forms of training in conformity to the requirements of the State educational standard.
Fact-finding practice is a necessary component of educational process on specialists training.
Practice aims to get acquainted with the main principles of work of companies and their subsidiaries based on the theoretical knowledge received at studying of general professional disciplines improving the quality of professional training.
According to the purpose, the main objectives of fact-finding practice are:
– familiarization with the main directions of enterprise’s activity in conditions of market
– studying of institutional and management structure, place, role and functions of the
economic, commercial and other services of the enterprise
– familiarization with normative acts regulating the enterprise’s activities.


Externship is the final stage of training in the university. The purposes of practical training encompass the following:
– to deepen the knowledge obtained in the university;
– to get and fix practical skills of professional activity;
– to be prepared for thesis writing.
What is a difference between externship and work practice? While passing externship you pay ttention only to the moments that are needed for thesis writing, work practice is carried out systematically during the whole training process and covers wider domain.

Work practice

Work practice is a practical part of educational process in training of skilled workers and experts and that is going on, as a rule, at various enterprises in conditions of real production. It is the final part of the fact-finding practice which is taking place in educational institution. The results of theoretical educational-practical training, students ability and skills of practical work in line with appropriated qualification and selected specialty or profession are fixed and specified during the work practice.

Request for practical training

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