Specialized subjects at the UNT: geography and mathematics
Languages of instruction: Kazakh, Russian

Providing professional knowledge and practical skills in the field of evaluation activities. Acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to carry out all types of professional activities in the field of property valuation. Prepare bachelors-specialists in evaluation, ensuring high-quality performance of professional duties of the appraiser, who is able to defend their own opinion, solve practical problems and problems in non-standard situations, who are able to be competent in the field of expertise and evaluation.


To assess any objects of property

Drawing up a task for determining costs in accordance with the established form

Organization of work on preparing, conducting and submitting the results of cost determination

Use of advanced domestic and foreign experience in expert evaluation work

Employment opportunity:

  • state and tax authorities;
  • banks, credit and investment Finance companies;
  • appraisal and insurance companies;
  • Association of appraisers of the city of Almaty and the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC
  • Nurbank JSC
  • Alliance Bank JSC
  • Independent appraisal company Bata group LLP
  • Public service centers (PSC)
  • Land Committee and others

Who do graduates of the educational program Assessment work for?

appraisers of investment risks and projects;

securities appraisers;

appraisers of intellectual property;

business and project appraisers.