Duration of training:

profile direction – 1 year; scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.

Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh, English

The purpose of the modular educational program 7M04102 – Management Master program (scientific-pedagogical direction) is to prepare masters in management who are competitive in the labor market, who own the tools of research, analysis of large amounts of data, critical thinking, design and modeling of business processes, possess the skills of strategic planning and management, ready to take responsibility for the activities of organizations, companies, as well as those who have the skills to conduct research and teaching in the field of management and business.

Who do graduates of this educational program work for?

Master’s degree graduates in the modular educational program 7M04102 – Management can perform the following types of professional activities in scientific and pedagogical training: manager; department manager; department head; deputy director, director, vice president of organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership; leading or chief specialist, senior and middle managers of the organization; consultant, researcher, senior, leading or chief researcher of research organizations; expert, consultant of educational and methodological organizations; teacher, senior teacher of secondary vocational or higher educational institutions on the profile of training.

Acquired skills

To form the innovation policy of the enterprise

Develop high-tech and resource-saving projects

Build effective production management systems

Assess the financial condition of the company

Expected learning outcomes and acquired competencies:

-Conduct analysis, write scientific papers, study special literature in the state, Russian and English languages;

– To carry out pedagogical activities at a modern scientific and methodological level using various methods and technologies that are relevant for work in universities;

– Analyze socially significant problems and processes taking place in society, predict possible directions for their development;

– Build communication skills, including in a foreign language, that allow you to effectively interact with stakeholders, develop a strategy and find alternatives in the face of uncertainty;

– Organize and run your own business based on self-developed innovative business models;

– Research and analyze problems in the field of business process management, human capital, projects, anti-crisis measures, as well as evaluate and compare possible solutions to these problems;

  • Develop a plan for your further personal growth using modern techniques and techniques and independently mastering new knowledge.

Curriculum Management Master

Employment opportunity:

JSC Kaspi Bank,
JSC BI Group,
LLP Led Innovations,
LLP Universal McCann,
LLP Koreana,
JSC Eurasian Bank,
JSC Bank of China.

For additional information:
+7 708 820 7298
Alina Zuyeva
Department of Educational Programs Promotion