State and local government

Specialty code: 6M051000

Period of study:
Profile direction – 1 year
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.

Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh

Master’s degree in state and local admin

The master’s program in the specialty “State and local management” in UIB is aimed at training highly qualified specialists necessary in the field of administration of state bodies and municipal institutions. The educational programmes of the master’s degree are applied, aimed at instilling managerial skills and ensuring the training of professional civil servants.The main emphasis is on the study of actual problems of theory and practice of public administration, planning and forecasting of socio-economic processes, strategic development of the national economy, problems of regional management. The master’s program is aimed at training highly qualified personnel who deeply understand the real processes taking place in the national and global economy and politics.

Skills acquired

Development of integrated plans

Production-management activities

Creating an effective management system