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International law

CODE: 6М030200


Profile direction – 1 year;
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.


Russian, Kazakh, English

Master’s degree in “International law” in the UIB is:

Masters of the specialty “International law” receive theoretical knowledge of international legal regulation of interstate relations, solid knowledge of international private law and private law of foreign countries, practical skills necessary to participate in the activities of state bodies, public organizations in the field of international relations and foreign economic activity.The educational program at UIB University in the specialty “International law” corresponds to the programs of the leading universities of the world, such as: University of Groningen, Maastricht University (Netherlands) University of Birmingham, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom).

The master’s program in “International law” is aimed at studying the features of international law, the stages of its formation and further development, to improve the level of legal relations between States and legal mechanisms of cooperation of States within the framework of international organizations.

Skills acquired

Financial policy of capital formation and its structure

Asset liability management strategy for organizations

Financial risk management methods

Public finance management