Accounting and Auditing

Curriculum to the masters program entrance examinations preparation directions “Accounting and Auditing”

Program Code: 6M050800 “Accounting and Auditing”
Study period:
Major direction – 1 year
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years
Language: Kazakh, Russian

The master’s program “Accounting and Auditing” in UIB is focused on preparing highly qualified managers and specialists in the field of accounting, financial and management accounting, financial and tax reporting, economic analysis and audit in accordance with international standards, the introduction of modern accounting methods, analysis and audit process control practice of enterprises in various sectors and forms of ownership.

Program “Accounting and Auditing” is aimed at the fundamental theoretical and practical training. Graduates master the system of knowledge, skills and abilities associated with the adaptation of theoretical and practical material to real and promising practices of accounting and analytical and audit scope. After the end of the program, they have knowledge not only about how the accounting activities of enterprises, organizations and institutions wok, but also they are able to analyze their performance and give the auditor’s assessment of performance.

Master’s degree requires knowledge of modern approaches to the strategies and policies in the field of accounting and analytical and audit activity. The curriculum of the Master’s program includes fundamental economic subjects.

With a master’s degree, graduates are able to work:

as top managers, heads, deputy heads and heads of departments, specialists of the highest category in the accounting, financial, economic and analytical services organizations of different sectors and forms of ownership, state and local government bodies, academic and institutional research organizations , institutions of higher education; enroll in a doctoral program. Graduates can occupy all the positions in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan.

After graduation from the program, undergraduates are assigned an academic degree:

  • Major – Master of Economics and Business in 6M050800- “Accounting and Auditing”;
  • Scientific and pedagogical direction – Master of Economic Sciences in 6M050800- “Accounting and Auditing”.