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Master’s degree at UIB University

Master course is an independent level in the three-level system of higher professional and postgraduate education, which allows:

  • to prepare highly qualified personnel in certain fields of science, technology and business;
  • it gives an opportunity to get scientific and pedagogical education.

If You are inclined to a research type of thinking or are interested in a scientific and teaching career, then a master’s Degree is what You need!


Master’s degree instills the ability to research — these skills are useful in any profession: economist, lawyer, Manager. In our University of practical knowledge training of masters is focused not only on research and teaching activities, but also on highly qualified practical work, which determines the direction of the master’s program:

  • scientific and pedagogical (2-year);
  • profile (1 year).


International economy and trade in Asia

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UIB University announces recruitment for master’s degree in experimental educational programs on the basis of the state educational grant: scientific and pedagogical (2 g. o.) direction: 

Pedagogical educational programs

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The master’s program is carried out in three languages (Kazakh, English and Russian):

Conditions of admission to master’s degree

Entrance examinations in foreign languages, specialty and complex testing are passed

Registration for exams

From 3 to 31 July

Exam date

From 10 to 20 August

What documents are required?

  • application on a standard form (issued by the selection Committee);
  • copy of the document on higher education with Appendix;
  • a copy of the certificate entitling to exemption from the entrance examination in a foreign language (if any)
  • personal form of accounting personnel and a copy of the document certifying work experience (for those with seniority);
  • copy of employment record book (for employed persons);
  • six photos in size 3×4;
  • medical certificate form № 086-U;
  • the fluoroscopy;
  • copy of identity card;
  • certificate of registration (for boys).
  • list of scientific and methodical works, certified by the scientific Secretary; copies of copyright certificates, diplomas, etc. (if any).

Together with copies of documents, originals for verification are provided to the Selection Committee.

After verification, the originals are returned to the applicants.