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Vacancies – Teachers of English as a Foreign Language and English for Academic and Specific Purposes


The UIB Language Centre invites applications for vacancies in its English Language division for the 2017-18 academic year.  The Centre is looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers of English who would like to work in a challenging environment where change, innovation and initiative are valued.

Applicants should hold a higher degree in a relevant discipline, such as English, TESOL or Applied Linguistics.  A master’s degree in Educational Management or Leadership is also acceptable, provided that the applicant has a sufficient number of credits in English language teaching or an additional qualification, such as a CELTA or DELTA.  (A master’s degree or that of “Specialist” is the minimum requirement.)  Interest and achievements in research will be an added recommendation.

The Language Centre is in a transitional phase as it moves towards the implementation of the country’s policy of trilingual education.   Teaching content and methodology are under review and the traditional focus on grammar and vocabulary is being extended to include all competencies specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  In addition, greater emphasis will be placed on individualized learning, student-centredness, the inclusion of IT and the propagation of sound study skills suitable for higher education.

We are looking for teachers who are able to make a substantial and positive contribution to this process of change.  As such, applicants should demonstrate creativity and imagination, be focused on learning as well as teaching, and give priority to students’ needs.  They should ideally have a sound understanding of fundamental international pedagogical practices and of the principles of the Bologna Framework and the CEFR.

Sound methodology should be paired with an ability and willingness to be self-reflexive and to inculcate in students a reflective approach to learning.  In this context, attention needs to be given not merely to language items but more importantly to the learner’s ability to use the language and to develop his or her meta-cognitive thinking skills.

If you are enthusiastic about change and renewal, if you want to help revitalize the teaching of English as a foreign language, then you might be the right person to join our team.  Applications must comprise:

  1. A covering letter
  2. A detailed, up-to-date curriculum vitae
  3. A descriptive essay on the applicant’s views on and approach to teaching a foreign language in Kazakhstan (with examples from your own teaching experience)
  4. Copies of certificates and testimonials
  5. The names, professional positions and contact details of at least two people who can be contacted for confidential references

Merely dropping off a CV does not constitute an application for employment and candidates who do this will not be considered.  All applications should show that this advertisement has been carefully perused.

Potential applicants who would like to discuss the possibility of working at UIB are welcome to contact the Director and to meet with him.


Applications or enquiries should be sent to:

Kenneth J. Saycell (Director: Language Centre, UIB) at


 Please note:

Qualifications:  Holders of master’s degrees in other disciplines will not be eligible for appointment to the permanent staff.  They might be considered for appointment to part-time teaching, provided that they have a suitable record of experience and achievements in the teaching of English in the tertiary sector.

Part-time Employment:  Suitably qualified teachers with experience in teaching English as a foreign language may apply for appointment as part-time employees.  Such teachers may be given a maximum of 0.5 of a workload.  Likewise, pensioners with the appropriate qualifications and experience can apply for part-time employment (0.5 of a workload).