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Converged journalism

What is Converged journalism?

It is difficult to exaggerate the role of the media in the life of a modern state. A qualified and responsible journalist performs various roles. He raises acute problems to find solutions to them. He is an intermediary between the government and the population, which determines how fruitful the dialogue will be. The specialty “Journalism” opens up broad prospects. It involves deep immersion in the subjects studied. You can’t do without knowledge of modern information technologies. After all, the media is not only Newspapers, radio, television, but also electronic publications that are experiencing a boom in popularity.


  • Understanding the role of mass media as part of the mass communication system, the main social functions of journalism in the context of the historical and modern experience of Kazakhstan and world media, as well as the meaning of social responsibility of journalism and the journalist in society, the importance of information security of society.
  • Understanding the basic principles of forming the media system, a General idea of the current state of the media system in Kazakhstan in terms of its basic structural components (main types and types of Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels, Internet media), the main organizational forms (media holdings, publishing houses, etc.), as well as orientation in the media infrastructure.
  • Understanding of the main economic regulators of media activity in market relations. Knowledge of the basics of management in the media. Understanding the essence of journalistic activity as multidimensional, including both the preparation of their own publications and working with other participants in the production of mass media texts.
  • Knowledge of the features, tasks and methods, technology and techniques of the process of creating journalistic publications, the specifics of the main directions

Where will I work?

  • JSC “Khabar”
  • LLP “Almaty TV”
  • Edition of the CTC news
  • Editorial offices of “Vecherny Almaty” and “Almaty akshamy” Newspapers
  • Outsourcing company
  • Publishing house