Investment in students

Throughout one’s life, any person faces a choice. The most important place in this aspect is taken by the choice of the profession, as it is an obvious fact that that one needs constant development of knowledge. Hence, the most reliable investment is investment in knowledge, everyone who wants to get a decent education is faced with the choice of the institution. Comparing wishes with real possibilities and career goals, everyone decides for himself which university to choose. The key point in this process is the quality of education, it is this criterion will provide the stable and favorable dividends in the future.

Today, many educational institutions are training specialists in various fields, but only some of them have the ability to produce the professionals of the international level. A good representative in the sector is the University of International Business (UIB), which occupies an honourable  place among the 60 leading universities in the general ranking of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the 25-year period of being in the market, education programs have been developed to combine the best traditions of academic studies and advanced technologies of modern business education.

As a signatory of the Magna universities, of UIB is actively pursuing international exchange programs of students and teachers, which allows the introduction of international experience and to produce competitive, sought after professionals. UIB – University of the complete cycle of study, which provides all the levels of higher education and post-graduate education: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate PhD, MBA. This gives students a unique opportunity to improve the knowledge gained throughout their lives, choosing individual trajectory of post-graduate education.

This stable UIB’s position on the educational market is confirmed by a strong demand for undergraduate majors. The University values not only its students, but also is interested in schoolchildren, carrying a profile pre-university training, enabling its prospective students to learn more about the specifics of their future profession, and the applicability of the labor market in the long term. Students’ feedback about the University is the highest mark of its success.

“I seriously took  the choice of a profession, and decided I wanted to become a financier. I believe that work should bring joy in the first place. This is very important – to love one’s profession. I do not doubt the correctness of my choice. UIB is the best university that will prepare me for my future career.” Amanova Alua, a graduate of the gymnasium №12, Almaty.

“I have a very responsible approach to the university studies. It is important not only to become a professional, but also to be recognized as such. Knowledge and experience acquired at the University, I use to achieve the main professional goal – to become an economist. To achieve its goal, I chose the University of International Business. Firstly, knowledge and skills, that I got in UIB  will help me to fulfill my primary purpose. Secondly, it is very important to think about the prestige of the university. Third, UIB has a very strong teaching staff. ” Zodieva Zarina, a graduate of the School №10, Almaty.

The faculty of the University of International Business invites graduates of colleges and schools to receive prestigious education as a bachelor of UIB: “International relations”, “Finance”, “Accounting and Auditing”, “Economy”, “Management”, “Marketing”, ” State and local government “,” Psychology “, ” Tourism “, ” Journalism “,” Information systems “,” International Law “,” Logistics “,” Restaurant business and hotel business”, “Evaluation”, “Economics and Law”, “Economics and Management”, “Business Administration”, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”


Education in the UIB – means state and university grants, opportunities to participate in international exchange programs for students, an active student life and guaranteed employment.
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