Graduates association

About association

Association of graduates of the UIB “Altyn Otau” is dynamically developing organization which mission is the unity and social advance of the UIB’s graduates of all generations. Business and leisure events organised by the Association promote creation of uniform community
Our goal is to develop the partner relations between UIB graduates, keep unity of values and interests.
Today we work at ground zero of formation of new alliance that is the Graduates Association. Join our team! Together we are indestructible unity! We believe that people who graduated from the same university should feel the esprit de corps.
We hope that the UIB’s leading graduates who have professionally taken place in business, policy or in other chosen domain are not indifferent towards the problems of the University of International Business, its students and young graduates.
We want that graduates of the University of International Business will be proud to employ the graduates of their own university. We want that it will be easier for the representatives of various structures to establish contacts and partnerships if they studied at the same university.

Strategic objectives and tasks of the Association:
• creating favorable conditions for unification of the university’s graduates for the purpose of professional unity, exchange of experience, realization of creative and scientific potential of the Association members;
• assistance to enhancement of cooperation of Association with outside organizations in line with educational directions;
• carrying out round tables, master-classes and conferences with participation of Association members;
• interaction with central and local executive bodies of public administration in regard to socially significant matters, cooperation with government bodies to perform work and render services within the framework of events.
• consultative and advisory activities and meeting of University’s graduates and other Association members; assistance in enhancement of cooperation of the Association with outside organizations in line with educational directions;
• assist students in the development and promotion of the projects and the development of innovative ideas;
• participation and assistance to the state in forming up and carrying out state youth policy, etc.

We hope that the chosen strategy eventually will form traditions of Association, but some of them we would like to proclaim from the very beginning. We hope each member of the Graduates Association will be guided by these traditions:
1. Each member of Association remembers a proud title of being the Graduate of the University of International Business.
2. Each member of Graduates Association with his acts and actions confirms and strengthens high image of the university.
3. Each member of Association realizes feeling of a community, unity with other graduates and students of the university.

Activity of graduates association
Graduates Association “Altyn Otau” in the framework of its activities  plans:
1. Every year solemnly award graduates who most actively participated in the Association and university’s activity;
2. Every year organise Career Day for graduates of our university;
3. Help graduates and students of last year of training with employment through:
• close cooperation with employers and recruiting companies;
• organisation of summer training;
• studying and promotion of success formula of well-known graduates.

We unite clever and interesting people. For business and career, education and rest.
If you are interested in our ideas – you better become member of the Association. If you are interested in implementing these ideas in life – join our team.

Association Membership
Members of Association have an opportunity to use services organised by the Association and take active participation in all events.
Each graduate can become the member of Association:
• bachelor’s programme;
• master’s programme;
• postgraduate studies;
• MBA programmes
• DBA programmes.

Candidate Member of the Association can be each student of:
• third or fourth year of bachelor’s programme;
• graduate of master’s programme.
• MBA programmes
• DBA programmes.

You can register at the office of “Career center” of the UIB at the following address:
8A Abay avenue, corner of Furmanov St.
Information telephone:
+7 (727) 259-80-00