For the partner universities

Internationalization – the main component of the University of International Business Development Strategy with the main goal to become an international center for Kazakhstan.

As a result, UIB is constantly looking for new partners for:

1. Joint development of educational programs:

– Assignment of the joint scientific degree (a diploma granting listing of all relevant training institutions);
– Double diplomas (issuing individual certificates of each university partner);
– Triple diplomas (or other similar degree programs from numerous partner institutions);

We are interested in different models of cooperation: checking, franchising, international institution campuses the opportunity to assign joint degrees.

2. Improvement of the content of a scientific degree by:

– Implementation of international specialization (path);
– Development of joint subjects and content of the program;

These projects are based on assigning the rights of a scientific degree of international business at the University with the participation of foreign partners that bringing his narrow specialization to improve the final result of training and assignment of additional certificates to students.

3. International student exchange:

– Short-term training (semester or less);
– Long-term training (one year or more);
– Working visits for exchange of experience (from a week to a month, spending time in local companies);

UIB welcomes opportunities for outbound programs (English and Russian) and in-coming programs (in Russian, Kazakh and English teaching).

4. The international exchange of employees:

– Teachers (from one month to the semester);
– Administrative staff (from weeks to months);

5. International Research

– The development of research groups (actual or physical, spending time at each university partner);
– The development of joint research proposals to international organizations that provide a grant (UIB consortium partner);
– The development of joint research proposals for grant-Kazakhstan (UIB consortium leader);
– Joint publications;
– The organization of conferences and seminars;
The international experience of our faculty and the management of the University of International Business make it the perfect place to start your cooperation with Kazakhstan.

For more information, please contact: +7 (727) 259 80 00