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CODE: 6M050900


Profile direction – 1 year;
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.


Russian, Kazakh, English

Master’s degree in “Finance” in the UIB is:

The master’s program in Finance at UIB is aimed at training highly qualified managers and specialists in the field of financial management, financial analysis, financial and tax planning, financial management with the necessary skills of information support of investment and financial management decisions.

The main emphasis is on the study of current problems of modern financial markets, corporate Finance, investment theory, risk management, methods of financial data analysis and much more. Practice plays an important role in training: graduates of the program create their own individual projects on the basis of real data, very often these projects are created on the basis of the company, where the student goes through practice and immediately come to life.

Skills acquired

Financial policy of capital formation and its structure

Asset and liability management strategy of the organization

Public finance management

Financial risk management methods

After completing the full course of study undergraduates are awarded an academic degree:

Profile direction — Master of Economics and business in the specialty “6M050900-Finance»;

Scientific and pedagogical direction — Master of economic Sciences in the specialty “6M050900-Finance”.