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A new program of the European Union for the period from 2014 to 2020, aimed at supporting projects, cooperation, academic mobility in the field of education, training, sports and youth policy.


Pan European Univeersity, Slovakia

University of National and World Economy


Erasmus + program is free of charge(accommodation, meals and flight + scholarship included in the program)

Time of the event

The Erasmus + program runs for 1 semester from 4 to 5 months

Course materials and list of subjects

Partners of the University annually updates the list of disciplines

List of documents

The list of documents is given individually to the student depending on the University

Requirements for students:

-study in the 2nd and 4th year in the corresponding bachelor’s or master’s degree, regardless of the language of study;

-overall GPA -3.0 or higher;
-absence of academic and financial debts, disciplinary penalties;

-proficiency in English.

Stage of selection:

1)Academic performance(transcript);

2)Determining the level of English (on the computer)

3)Complete the interview in English.