Why do we need a doctorate?

  • PhD gives you the opportunity for self-realization in the scientific and educational spheres, to enter into partnership with foreign counterparts, to exchange your experiences with scientists from leading universities, to participate in internships abroad, to carry out scientific research in the leading scientific centers.
  • Doctoral studies (PhD) makes it possible to obtain additional grants to conduct scientific research and get advanced training in leading foreign universities.

Possibilities of free education through grants

UIB  as a practical knowledge University annually receives  grants for the implementation of the state educational demand for the training of scientific and pedagogical staff
We form applications, and then all the applicants take entrance exams for the state educational grant for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff.
Preparation of doctoral students is carried out in the following spheres:

Curriculum to the doctorate program entrance examinations preparation directions “Business and Administration”


Who is preparing?

Preparing PhD (PhD) is done on the high international level, with the involvement of scientists and professors from foreign universities, partners of UIB:

Kennesau (USA) University


University of Bologna (Italy)


Korea Institute of Science and Technology Planning


Polish-American University (Poland)


Primary requirements

Entry requirements:
  • academic degree of Master of scientific and pedagogical direction (2 years)
  • brief justification of the proposed work
  • documents for the admission committee (identity card, diploma and Master’s degree academic transcript, 6 photos 3×4, medical certificate 086U with the X-ray, military ID for men)
  • 3-year labor activity

 Entry exams:
  • Foreign Language at the center of national testing, or providing Certificate TOEFL, IELTS, DELF, DSH
  • specialty exam in the UIB

During the 3 years of PhD students need finish a theoretical course, to do the research component, and finally to defend their  independent scientific research as a doctoral thesis in the dissertation council. Publications: at least 7

  • 3 international conferences
  • 3 approved by the Control Committee in the sphere of education and science of Ministry of Education of RK
  • 1 article with the  impact factor in the database like Elsevier, Scopus, and others

Persons who have fully complied with the educational program of doctoral studies, and successfully defended their doctoral thesis, will have a diploma of the “Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)» on the relevant field of study

PhD  Reload There’s nothing less rare that a mind walking a new path

We are developing a new model of the unity of science and innovation, commercialization of research, to attract talented young people. A lot of young people started to enter science, and the number of researchers began to grow actively. That is why today we are improving the mechanism of research training in accordance with the course for the country’s industrialization and innovation.

Preparation of specializations in the financial, economic and administrative sectors is now oriented in the problems of market globalization, the impact of macro-economic effects of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space, a comprehensive assessment of the implications and consequences of integration prospects, adaptation measures in the economy, new financial models of operation, etc.

The aim of restarting the training of doctoral research is to reform the training system, which now is going on around the world. The importance of this process can not be overestimated, since it is highly skilled scientific staff in the “knowledge economy” who plays a major role. But globalization and internationalization will have a significant impact on both the preparation of the scientific staff and the further employment of doctoral students.