Digital English в помощь казахстанским школьникам

It is no secret that now parents and students themselves spend a lot of time and effort to learn a foreign language. The main problems are the lack of good methods and sufficient language environment for communication according to the level of language development. Based on the results of the analysis and research of new effective approaches to learning foreign languages on the basis of modern multimedia techniques, UIB digital technology laboratories have developed an interactive mobile application UIB English, which provides a unique opportunity for rapid immersion and involvement in the information environment of self-study of English. UIB developers were inspired by the idea of creating an appropriate language service within the framework of the complex project Digital University, which is undoubtedly a projection of the program “Digital Kazakhstan” within the University. Developing the digital University project, the University offers digital educational service not only to our students in the University, but also plans to implement digital learning services for everyone, especially students, on the most urgent educational needs: languages, introductory courses on future professions, academic writing for essays, interdisciplinary subjects and many others. The developed product UIB English is a multimedia educational and methodical complex successfully complementing the existing methods of teaching in the classroom based on the concept of Virtual classroom.Digital English в помощь казахстанским школьникам

To begin with, the user is given the opportunity to pass a test to determine the level of language proficiency, the results of which the system is formed individual learning trajectory. During the autumn semester, the UIB conducted a comprehensive testing and adaptation of the application to the level of knowledge and individual opportunities of mastering the English language in the first year students. In recent years, the number of students wishing to study in the English-language educational programs of the University has increased significantly among those entering the UIB. At the same time, for those who do not know enough English UIB offers intensive study using effective techniques and subsequent passage of certain disciplines in English in senior courses. The main goal is that in modern conditions, each of our students has the opportunity to obtain the necessary advanced knowledge about the achievements of the English-speaking world without a language barrier. At the same time, students further successfully realize their chance to study at a foreign partner University in double degree programs within the framework of the University project “Study Abroad” without difficulties in adapting to the educational and language environment. The practice of our teachers has shown that the application UIB English forms an additional motivation for self-study and there is an increased interest on the part of students. Now the users of this application will be students of 11th grade – participants of the annual Republican Olympiad “UNICON” from all regions of Kazakhstan. During the next stages, they will perform a set of tasks using the application UIB English. This year, more than 4,000 applications were submitted for participation in the UNICON Olympiad . Following the Olympics, UNICON every year the winners are awarded University grants to study at UIB. The future is coming of Course, there are a number of other similar commercial mobile applications for learning foreign languages on the market. An additional advantage of UIB English for schoolchildren of UNICON participants will be the receipt of digital language services of University education starting from the school bench with the possibility of their transfer to our University according to the educational achievements of successful development and the amount of material passed. UIB will continue to implement projects to develop the most popular skills and competencies of the future – creativity, multilingualism and digital knowledge. Even now, for the younger generation values and knowledge are of particular importance that will reveal their potential for personal development in a highly competitive environment. For these purposes, the UIB offers a new generation of educational programs designed to meet the needs of business and current global trends in higher education and science. article English в помощь казахстанским школьникам