The career center acts as a key link between the University and the labor market, i.e. employers. Ever-expanding partnerships with employer companies allow the UIB career center to collect and track the interests and needs of companies and project them to the capabilities of the University, its students and students. This allows University students to gain extensive knowledge about the specifics of specific companies and gain practical experience without leaving the University.

The career center establishes partnerships with short-term and long-term official cooperation agreements that allow you to pass not only practical training, but also work in various fields of economic, technical and humanitarian profile.

To help you find internship and employment opportunities, the career center is constantly working to expand the network of UIB strategic partners. to date, the University has more than 250 permanent business contacts of partner companies in the database of employers.

By applying to the career Center, each UIB student can get comprehensive information about the activities of companies and get the opportunity to complete an introductory, production or pre-graduate internship. In this format, the student gets the opportunity to take the first steps in building a successful career.


The employment rate of graduates of the UIB


Percentage of students continuing their master’s degree or having their own business


Number of UIB business partner companies